nintendo-2ds-hands-on-1Nintendo’s 3DS handheld console is pretty cool with its glasses-free 3D display. However it isn’t exactly cheap, not to mention not everyone really needs the 3D technology anyway, why is why a couple of years ago, Nintendo launched the Nintendo 2DS handheld console. Unlike the 3DS, the 2DS does not feature 3D technology.

Instead if anything, it feels more like a handheld console of the good old days with hardware upgrades. Now if you wanted to get your hands on the console, you might be pleased to learn that Nintendo has confirmed that the console will be getting a price drop. This will essentially drop the price of the console down to $99.99, where previously it was priced at $129.99.

Granted it will still ultimately cost you $100 at the end of the day, we suppose it will make it an even more compelling purchase, especially if you were on the fence before. Now before you rush out to get your hands on the console, it should be noted that the console’s price drop will only come into effect on the 30th of August.

Best of all, it will come bundled with the digital version of Mario Kart 7. Also there will be several Nintendo DS titles that are in the works and are scheduled for a holiday release, so if there was a good time to buy the console, it seems like it would be now.

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