Google-Project-Ara-ATAP-640x401Remember the other day the official Project Ara Twitter account tweeted that they were switching from eletropermanent magnets to something else because of a failed drop test? As it turns out, it was a joke, or at least part of it was a joke. This was confirmed by Project Ara themselves who wrote, “BTW #FailedTheDropTest was a joke. Didn’t fail. We have been configuring a new solution. It’s better too. #WorkingOnOurHumor.”

However like we said it was partially a joke because it seems that while the failed drop test might not have been real, it seems that the company has reconsidered the use of the magnetic system they currently employ. Unfortunately it is unclear as to what the next solution is but hopefully we will find out in the near future.

Now for those who are wondering about the current system, basically a magnetic system helps to hold the various modules of Project Ara in place. As they are electropermanent magnets, they don’t require power to remain magnetized, but they can still be switched on or off electrically. We speculated previously that perhaps it wasn’t strong enough, or secure enough, which is why Project Ara is turning to alternate sources.

In the meantime there have been some rather interesting rumors that suggests that Project Ara, which should be under Google’s banner, has been returned to Motorola whom it was originally under when it was first announced.

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