project-ara-teaserWhen Project Ara was first announced, it was under Motorola Mobility’s banner, although we suppose technically it was under Google’s banner since Google had already acquired Motorola by then. However when Motorola was sold off to Lenovo, Google got to keep Project Ara and they have been working on it ever since.

However according to a recent rumor from Hellomotohk, they claim that according to their sources, Project Ara might have been returned back to Motorola and it is now being based in the company’s R&D base in Beijing. This is an interesting turn of events and might also explain a series of tweets from the Project Ara account last week.

The smartphone has also apparently been delayed to 2016 which would make sense if it were to switch hands, although it is possible that because of a miscalculation where the phone would break apart when dropped due to the use of electropermanent magnets could have contributed to the delay as well.

In any case this should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully regardless of who might be behind Project Ara, whether it still be Google or if it has returned to Motorola, we will still be able to get our hands on the finished product in the near future.

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