snapchatUnless you’ve been grandfathered into a carrier’s unlimited data plan, chances are you have a data cap. If you’re a frequent Snapchatter, chances are you could be blowing through your data pretty quickly due to the amount of photos and videos sent/received, but thankfully Snapchat has a solution to fix that.

In the latest update to the Snapchat app, the company has introduced a new feature called Travel Mode. What this means is that if the app detects that you’re using a cellular connection instead of a WiFi connection, it won’t preload images automatically. Instead if you want to view the images, you’ll have to manually download them.

This means that even if you’re receiving a ton of snaps from your friends that you’re not attending to, it won’t really consume your data as the photos/videos are not preloaded. This ultimately gives the user more control over their data usage. In fact when Snapchat introduced the Discover feature, many users had complained about its data consumption due to the amount of information being shared.

However with Travel Mode, hopefully this will put an end to your data woes. The latest version of Snapchat is currently available for download via the iTunes App Store or Google Play, depending on your platform, so head on over to get the latest update if you haven’t done so already.

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