Earlier this week Sony released a new projector for the PlayStation 4 rather quietly, it didn’t have a major presence at Gamescom like rival Microsoft but did conduct a stage show earlier in the week. The projector aims to do what Microsoft allows with Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming though it comes at a price that’s almost at par with that of the console itself.


Sony has launched a new mini-projector for the PlayStation 4 called MPCL1, it connects to the console and projects video on any surface that you want. It’s capable of streaming video over Wi-Fi and HDMI hook up can also be used.

The projector isn’t that big in size so it’s not that hard to carry around and presents gamers with an excellent alternative should there not be a TV around to get some gaming in.

It’s not exactly a high-end project as the resolution tops out at 1,920×720 capable of being projected on a surface of up to 120 inches. It has a brightness rating of 32 lumens.

Sony will sell the MPCL1 mini-projector for PlayStation 4 at $350 which is close to the $400 pricing that’s easily available with most PS4 bundles available at major online and brick-and-mortar retailers across the country.

The mini-projector will be released this October.

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