swiftkey-emoji-mapEmojis have taken over popular culture for quite some time now, and it happens to be a natural extension of smileys. In fact, we have heard on the grapevine that there will even be an emoji movie in the pipeline, which goes to show how pervasive it is already. Since the US is the center of the world (as many would believe, but surely we can all poke a little fun at ourselves?), SwiftKey has mapped out just which emoji is the most popular for a specific state, as you can see in the image above.

How did SwiftKey manage to come to such a conclusion? Well, being a custom keyboard app that works on both Android and iOS platforms, it will have its fair share of emoji, which is why it has managed to analyze data from its users and the kinds of emoji used, allowing them to come up with a list, or a map, rather, of the most unique emoji used in each of the 50 states throughout the US.

There are some easily predictable results, with Alabama making use of the elephant emoji a whole lot, while the boar emoji happened to be rather popular in Arkansas. Washington, D.C.’s spirit emoji would be a snowman, so enjoy the image above and see whether you resonate with the other folks in your state concerning the use of emojis.

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