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SwiftKey For Android Could Get Crippled With Google’s New Policy
The problem with third-party apps on mobile devices is that they need to comply with the rules and policies set by the company that owns the ecosystem, whether it be Apple or Google. For the most part, if the app complies, they are usually left alone, but there are times when it could spell bad news for the app and its users.

SwiftKey Adds Google As A Search Engine Option
While Microsoft might have failed on the mobile hardware front, the company has been making some inroads by introducing their own software and services to other platforms such as iOS and Android. They have also acquired other apps such as SwiftKey, giving them more in-roads to Apple and Google’s operating systems.

SwiftKey Beta Introduces Automatic Incognito Mode
The problem with third-party keyboards is that sometimes they can be a bit too powerful and smart for their own good. For example SwiftKey has the ability to remember things you type and adds it to your dictionary, which sometimes can be a bit embarrassing if you accidentally include it in emails or text messages.

SwiftKey Update Adds Search Functionality To Keyboard
SwiftKey is a popular third-party keyboard. The company continues to make its keyboard even after it was acquired by Microsoft not too long ago. A new update is out today which adds search functionality to the SwiftKey keyboard. Given that it’s a Microsoft-owned company now, the search functionality isn’t linked to Google, the top internet search engine used by countless people across the globe.


SwiftKey Beta For Android Will Feature Integrated Bing Search
Google’s Gboard keyboard for mobile devices comes with a nifty feature and that is it has Google search built into the keyboard itself. This means that when you are chatting with a friend, instead of having to swap out to another app like the Google app or your browser, you can do a quick search on the keyboard itself.

SwiftKey For Android Now Supports Two-Way Translation
There are many popular third-party keyboards for the Android platform is SwiftKey will be at the top of the list for many of its users. Microsoft actually acquired SwiftKey back in 2016. A new update has been released today for SwiftKey on Android which adds support for two-way translation powered by Microsoft Translator.

How To Turn Off Auto-Correct in Android
Auto-correct is a double-edged sword. If you are a fast-typer – like yours truly – then it can be quite helpful in correcting typos and misspells. Though, it can also be a very frustrating ordeal as it often places in words that have no correlation with the meaning of the rest of the phrase.

SwiftKey’s Premium Keyboard Themes Are Now Free
A couple of days ago, SwiftKey announced that starting this December, all of their Premium keyboard themes will be going free. For those that weren’t keeping track of this, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can fire up SwiftKey and start getting your hands on those premium themes for free.

SwiftKey Themes Free Starting Next Month
SwiftKey is marking the start of the festive season by offering all of the themes for its keyboard for free. SwiftKey themes free download starts from Thursday, December 1st for both iOS and Android users. They will have access to more than 100 free themes allowing them to customize the keyboard to their liking without having to pay a dime.

SwiftKey Introduces Transliteration Feature For Some Of Its Users
Have you tried typing out words for something that was meant to be written in another language? For example everyone knows that “arigato” means “thank you” in Japanese, but what if typing “arigato” would allow you the option to translate that into Kanji automatically? We guess it’s not really a big deal, but it would be cool, right?

SwiftKey Update Brings About Incognito Mode
One of the great things about the SwiftKey keyboard is that it learns how you type, thus over time it will eventually figure out your style of writing and what kind of words they predict you might want to use next. It’s great for efficiency, but also a bit creepy and also a bit worrying from a privacy point of view.

SwiftKey Beta For Android Lets You Type In 5 Languages At Once
Some of us come from multicultural countries and backgrounds, where ultimately the language we speak isn’t necessarily of a single language, but of multiple languages combined. For example in Singapore, English can be spoken but at the same time interspersed with bits of words or phrases from Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, and so on.

SwiftKey’s Phone Number & Email Predictions Have Returned
Back in July, a SwiftKey bug saw phone numbers and email addresses that users have never seen before start appearing in their keyboard predictions. SwiftKey worked fast to address the issue and had temporarily disabled the feature, along with their sync services. However earlier this month, sync services had resumed but email and phone number predictions had not.

SwiftKey Pushes Out Update That Fixes Sync Bug
Remember last month when there was a bug with SwiftKey that accidentally revealed some personal information about its users? As a result of that bug, SwiftKey decided to turn off its sync services, at least for now while they sort it out. The good news is that it looks like you guys didn’t have to wait too long for the fix.