The problem with third-party keyboards is that sometimes they can be a bit too powerful and smart for their own good. For example SwiftKey has the ability to remember things you type and adds it to your dictionary, which sometimes can be a bit embarrassing if you accidentally include it in emails or text messages.

There is incognito mode that helps deal with that, but that’s only assuming if you have the foresight to turn it on. However according to the latest beta for SwiftKey on Android, it appears that the app will now have automatic incognito mode. What this means is that if an app marks a text field as being private or sensitive, SwiftKey will not remember what was typed.

This actually makes a lot of sense and we have to wonder why they did not include this feature earlier. As Android Police points out, other apps such as Gboard by Google has auto-switching when it comes to incognito mode, so it’s not as if this is such a groundbreaking feature. However we suppose it’s still good news to see other keyboard apps slowly start to adopt this feature.

There is no word on when this particular feature will be released for the masses, but if you’re interested you can always try and take it for a spin by downloading the beta. However as is the case with betas, do keep an eye out for bugs.

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