Our computers and our phones exist as separate devices, and to a certain extent there are things we can do that syncs across either device, like how you can send iMessages through your computer or iOS device, or how you can chat via Hangouts on your Android phone or computer.

But what if you wanted more control, like launch certain apps that aren’t available on your computer? Instead of having to stop your work and pick up your phone, an app and Chrome extension by the name of Vysor will allow you to do just that. Vysor was originally intended to be kept on the downlow, but folks on Reddit stumbled across its Chrome extension thus forcing its developer to go public about it.

Basically what Vysor does is that it will mirror your phone’s display on your computer via the Chrome browser once your device is plugged in. Through the window, users will be able to interact with their phones via their computer and are able to reply messages, play games designed specifically for mobile, launch apps, download apps, and more.

Now it should note that the app has yet to be released and as it stands, the Chrome extension is still in beta. No word on when the app will be released or finalized, but it sounds like a pretty awesome project and you can check out a demo of it in the video above.

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