Online video streaming services are always trying to get a leg up on their rivals by getting their hands on content that many people would pay good money for just to be able to stream on-demand. The Back to the Future movies have cemented their place in pop culture and still retain fans who were enamored by it when the movies first came out. With an interesting milestone being achieved in October Amazon Prime has won the exclusive rights to stream all three Back to the Future movies for one month.

You’ll already know what milestone I’m talking about if you’ve seen the movies. Marty McFly arrives in the future on October 21, 2015 as per the second movie, and we’re really in October, 2015 even though it doesn’t quite look like the way we saw it in the movie.

Nevertheless if you’re interested in streaming the trilogy again you’ll have to do it through Amazon Prime, this is the first time that all three movies have been available on a digital service without any rental fees, don’t expect to get this option on rival services like Netflix and Hulu.

The trilogy is also going to be re-released theatrically, those who want to catch it at a local theatre are welcome to do so but for everyone else who can stream, Amazon Prime is the only destination to get your Back to the Future fix this October. The films start streaming on Amazon Prime starting October 1st and will remain available throughout the entire month.

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