peace appOne of the exciting features of iOS 9 is the introduction of content blockers, which more or less translates into ad blockers for iOS devices. Upon iOS 9’s official release, many users rushed out to look for the best ad blocker possible, which at that time appeared to be an app called Peace which quickly topped the charts with its price tag of $0.99.


However you might recall that its developer, Marco Arment, decided to pull the app. This means that those who bought the app can keep using it, but don’t expect future support or updates. The good news is that according to a recent blog post from Arment, it seems that in lieu of this, Apple has decided to refund all purchases to customers who have bought the app.

According to Arment, this move is unprecedented. “As far as I know, this effectively never happens. When I decided to pull the app, I asked some Apple friends if this was even possible, and we all thought the same thing: iTunes billing works the way it works, period, and no special cases can be made.”

Arment’s earlier reasoning for removing Peace was that he felt that the app’s approach to blocking ads was too blunt, and that it was something he didn’t feel too good about. His latest post reiterates how guilty and stressed he felt about it, and that the refunds were a surprisingly effective relief.

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