It’s no secret that Apple doesn’t really have much affection for Android, why would it, Android happens to be its closest competitor in the global smartphone market. The company has talked about the benefits of iOS against Android many times in the past and certainly wants more and more people to jump ship, so it seems apt that the first app it develops and releases for Android is one that enables people to dump Android for iOS.

The app itself is called Move to iOS and it has only one purpose: to make it much easier for people to move from Android to iOS. It takes care of essentials tasks such as moving pictures, messages, contacts, bookmarks and more from an Android device over to an iOS device.

Granted that most of this can easily be done over the internet, people who use cloud storage services for cameras, contacts and bookmarks really don’t need the app, but it will certainly make life easier for people who don’t want to go into all that and want an easy way of switching devices.

All of the data that’s moved between devices don’t go over the cloud, instead the iOS device will set up a private Wi-Fi network and request a security code from the user. Upon authentication all of the data will be moved over that Wi-Fi network and “put in the right places,” which basically means that contacts, messages, pictures and more will go right where they’re supposed to.

Move to iOS is now available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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