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AT&T subscribers who use an iPhone had another reason to be anxiously waiting for iOS 9, the new firmware was to finally bring Wi-Fi calling to these iPhones. Sadly there’s no good news yet despite the fact that iOS 9 was released yesterday. AT&T Wi-Fi calling for iPhone feature has been delayed. This doesn’t really matter much to Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers who have had Wi-Fi calling for quite some time now.


Only Verizon and AT&T are the two major carriers in the country that have yet to deploy Wi-Fi calling on the iPhone. Many people appreciate the feature because it allows them to stay connected even in areas where reception might be bad, it routes the calls through a Wi-Fi network instead to ensure that users remain connected.

It was widely believed that Wi-Fi calling for AT&T iPhones will go live soon after iOS 9 is released but that’s not going to happen. AT&T has confirmed that it’s delaying the launch until it receives approval from the Federal Communications Commission.

“AT&T tested Wi-Fi Calling through the iOS 9 beta and we are prepared to support commercial launch of the service once approved by the FCC,” said the carrier in a statement provided to Phone Scoop, it can’t be said for sure how long the FCC will take to come forward with the approval so that AT&T can finally flip the switch on Wi-Fi calling for iPhones on its network.

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