canon-120mpFor the time being, it looked as though the megapixel race was over in the world of digital cameras, but Canon might very well reignite it if they continue to come up with advancements such as a 250MP sensor, in addition to a prototype EOS shooter that packs an amazing 120 megapixels, now how about that? Just for comparison’s sake, Canon’s existing range of DSLRs would range anywhere from 20 to 50 megapixels, so 120 megapixels is just plain insane. This means just about every single detail of your face can be captured, pores and wrinkles alike. Heck, even the unique reflections in a person’s eyeball in a portrait shot will be captured, too.

Known as the EOS 120M Camera System (which also carries the moniker Y038), it is far from being consumer-ready at the moment, but it does throw wide open the doors to what the future might bring, considering how this is already a working prototype. The camera itself was connected to a 24-70mm lens, where it has been set up to shoot the likes of intricate knick-knacks. All captured photos are then shared on a nearby monitor, and to view the work of this camera is definitely spellbinding. I wonder how many more touch ups need to be made by digital artists the next time a model shoot uses this camera!

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