mega-manIf you have played video games back in the day, chances are Mega Man was one of them, or at the very least you have heard about. There have been some attempts to modernize the game for today’s gamers and it looks like Capcom and Fox have found a way to do so, which is by creating a movie based on the game.

20th Century Fox, Capcom, and Chernin Entertainment have recently announced their plans to make a Mega Man movie. Unfortunately it appears that this movie is in its very, very early stages of development as there have been no writers or directors attached to it yet, so for now you can think of it more as an idea.

It is also unclear as to what the story will be, but given that the background of the story in the game involves Rock (Mega Man) as the lab assistant to Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley, at least until Dr. Wiley decided to steal Dr. Light’s designs to create an army of evil robots in which Rock, who becomes Mega Man, has to defeat.

That alone does sound like a pretty promising plot for a movie, although as we have seen in the past, video games-cum-movies don’t exactly have the best track record. At the moment there is no telling when the Mega Man movie will be realized, so if you’re a fan, it looks like you’ll just have to wait patiently for it.

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