mario kart 8 wii u bundleIt used to be that if you were buy a console bundle from GameStop, you would get the console followed by a digital copy of the game that you can redeem via a website. Or in some cases, like we’ve seen with Nintendo’s bundles, the game will come preinstalled on the console which will save you some time in downloading it.

Unfortunately for fans of digital downloads, it seems that digital codes could soon be going away. According to reports, it seems like a new policy at GameStop will now remove digital codes and games from console bundles. The new policy mandates that physical copies of games will be given in place of digital codes.

Is this bad? For those who’d rather not clutter their homes with physical copies of games, we suppose this might be bad news. It is also unnecessary material which some feel just adds to environmental problems we have. However for gamers who love to collect physical copies of games, then this might actually be good news.

While GameStop has yet to explain why they have instituted this move, there are some who suspect it could be because it will affect their business. As GameStop deals in used games, bundling digital codes or having games preinstalled means there will be less gamers coming in to trade or buy used physical games.

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