Sometimes gamers buy a console and later they decide they don’t like it, or get bored with it, or want something else, so they sell it or trade it in. However with the Nintendo Switch, it seems that GameStop believes that gamers will be holding on to the console longer than the competition.

This is according to GameStop’s interim CEO Daniel DeMatteo during the company’s quarterly financial conference call to investors. According to DeMatteo, he claims that gamers are very engaged with the console and are enjoying the first-party titles available for it. GameStop’s Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel also stated that the company usually sees an average of 180 days before consoles and games are traded in in significant numbers after launch, but they expect the Switch to defy those conventions.

As DualShockers points out, the PS4 and Xbox One are similar to each other in the games that they offer and in terms of hardware. Obviously there are differences, but for the most part games on the PS4 can be found on the Xbox One, and vice versa, which mean that trading in a PS4 for an Xbox One makes sense, while trading in a PS4 for Switch or the other way around would be a completely different gaming experience.

That being said, the Switch has been enjoying a fair amount of success, having sold close to 8 million units since launch, and also having the honor of being named TIME’s top gadget of 2017.

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