google street view appIf you’re looking for directions to somewhere you’re going, Google Maps is a great way to go about it. However what if that location has tons of shops and the one you’re looking for isn’t particularly clear with its signage? That’s when Google Street View comes in handy as you can check out the neighboring shops to get an idea of where it might be in relation to those shops.

That being said, it seems that Google has decided that Street View has stopped being a novelty and has become useful enough to warrant its own app. Yup, if you enjoy using Street View, you might be interested to learn that Google has launched Street View as a standalone app where it more or less functions like how it normally does.

However it should be noted that it is also more or less a rebranded and updated version of Google’s Photo Sphere Camera app. This means not only will you get to enjoy Street View photos, but you also get to create your own 360-degree panoramic shots that you can then upload to Google’s online communities for viewing.

Users will also be able to explore other panoramic photos that other users have uploaded, so in a way we suppose this is like the Instagram for panoramic photos. The app has already been launched and is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, so head on over for your respective downloads.

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