microsoft-inviteMicrosoft has adopted a cross-platform software strategy in numerous cases to date, with most of them happening in recent times, where some of the noteworthy efforts include the launch of Cortana as a beta on the Android platforms, not to mention having Office run on Android and iOS. Not only that, there has been specialized apps such as Send that intends to bring the best of both worlds where instant messaging and email are concerned, arriving on its rival platforms, which is a good thing, really. This time around, Microsoft has rolled out Invite, which has been described as “the easiest way to organize meetings on the go”.

Invite intends to do away with the hassles when it comes to scheduling meetings, and that would be the inability to check out other folks’ calendars who are not within your organization. With invite, this is no longer the case, since it allows organizers to suggest multiple times which will be compatible with their timetable, and attendees can then choose from those suggestions. Not only that, Invite will also show everyone else the times in which other people are all right with.

Invite is now available for those who are rocking toiPhones in the US and Canada, although it is set to debut on the Windows Phone and Android platforms in the near future, so stay tuned! [Press Release]

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