As you might have learnt by now, the iPhone 6s features a new 7000 series aluminum build. According to recent bend tests, this has resulted in an iPhone that is noticeably much more durable than its predecessor. However the money question is how will the new iPhone 6s with a 7000 series aluminum build hold up against a .50 caliber rifle?

We suppose the answer is already pretty obvious but in case you’re curious to see how much destruction a .50 caliber sniper can do to the iPhone, you’re in luck. The folks at FullMag have recently released a new video in which they pit the iPhone 6s against a .50 caliber rifle, with the rifle winning, naturally.

This isn’t the first time the folks at FullMag have used a .50 caliber rifle. Previously we have seen them use it to destroy other devices, like the PlayStation 4 which met its untimely and gruesome demise at the hands of a bullet, so safe to say we expect no less, if not more, with the iPhone 6s’ wanton destruction.

Prior to this, FullMag released a video in which they froze the iPhone 6s in liquid nitrogen before smashing it to bits with a sledgehammer. In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, check out the video above for the details. It looks like the 7000 series aluminum never even stood a chance!

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