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Apple Could Drop Support For iPhone 6s, iPhone SE (2016) With iOS 15
Apple is expected to introduce iOS 15 later this year, most likely during the company’s WWDC event which should be held mid-year. While newer iPhone users can look forward to learning more about the update’s new features, changes, and improvements, there might be some iPhone users that will be left out.

iPhone 6s Falls Out Of A Plane And Survives, Recording Its Fall All The Way Down
Sometimes our tech has a way of surprising us. For example, your phone falling out of your pocket and hitting the ground can sometimes result in catastrophic damage, even if the distance isn’t that great. But at the same time, we’ve heard reports of phones falling from even greater heights or surviving underwater for months but yet still somehow remain functional.

iOS 15 Could Drop Support For iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, Original iPhone SE
In 2021, Apple will most likely be releasing their next major iOS update in the form of iOS 15. However, in addition to releasing the update, Apple is also rumored to be dropping support for some older iPhones which includes the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and also the original iPhone SE that was released several years ago.

Some iPhone Owners Can Now Claim $25 From Apple
Several years ago, Apple was hit with several class action lawsuits over the “batterygate” scandal. For those who are unfamiliar, basically the company was accused of throttling their devices. Now it looks like if you’re living in the US, you will be entitled to claim $25 from the company as part of the settlement agreement Apple had reached with prosecutors.


Apple Launches Repair Program For iPhone 6s, 6s Plus Devices That Won’t Turn On
The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were launched back in 2015, meaning that they are now four years old. We imagine that most people would have upgraded their devices by now, but in case you’re rocking either handset, you might be interested to learn that Apple has launched a new repair program targeting either device.

Apple Discontinues The iPhone 6S And iPhone SE As Well
Apple unveiled three new iPhones at its press event last week. It immediately became evident that it’s discontinuing the original iPhone X which came out last year. It was the company’s first smartphone that featured an OLED display and features like wireless charging. Apple has further trimmed its smartphone lineup by discontinuing the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and the iPhone SE.

Apple Reportedly Starts iPhone 6s Mass Production Outside China
Apple primarily manufactures its devices in China but it has been manufacturing the iPhone SE in India to avoid steep import duties. India is a price-sensitive market and this move allows the company to better compete with its rivals on price. According to a new report, the company has now started commercial production of another handset in the country.

Video Shows iPhone 6s Performance Before & After Battery Replacement
According to Apple, the reason they throttled older iPhones with aging batteries is because they were worried that users would experience unexpected shutdowns and reboots. However this resulted in phones becoming slower as they got older due to batteries degrading even further with each and every use.

Some iPhone 6 Plus Models Are Being Replaced With iPhone 6s Plus During Repairs
Are you having some major issues with your iPhone 6 Plus? The good news is that according to MacRumors, it seems that Apple will be replacing some iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6s Plus, which means that for some users, you will essentially be getting a free upgrade of sorts, even if that upgrade is about 3 years old.

Apple’s 2015 iPhone 6s Beats Galaxy S8 In Speed Test
Following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re sure that many were curious to see how it performed, although unfortunately a speed test showed that the 2016 iPhone 7 managed to trounce the newly-launched Galaxy S8. So what about an even older iPhone like the 2015 iPhone 6s?

Man Builds iPhone 6s Using Parts Bought In China
In the past we have gotten hints at what kind of features Apple’s iPhones could get based on leaked photos of components that are sometimes posted by companies that deal with spare parts. Sometimes these companies would even sell you said components, which means that in theory you could piece together your own iPhone which is what Scotty Allen at Strange Parts did (via 9to5Mac).

iOS 10.2.1 Reduced The Number Of iPhone 6/6s Unexpected Shutdowns
If you own either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and/or their Plus variants and have been experiencing unexpected shutdowns, then you might want to check and see which version of iOS 10 you are running. This is because if you haven’t updated to iOS 10.2.1 yet, it could explain these unexpected shutdowns which we imagine are pretty annoying.

iPhone 6s UAE Recall Might Cost Apple $7 Million
There have been reports about battery issues with the iPhone 6s but only with a specific batch of units that were manufactured between a certain timeframe. Apple may be pushing ahead with its iPhone 6s UAE recall. Local media reports suggest that the company has written a letter to the UAE Ministry of Economy to inform them that it’s going to recall 88,700 iPhone 6s units manufactured in China between […]

iPhone Loses Top Spot In China
The iPhone has seen considerable growth in China for the past few years. According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, it has actually been the top selling smartphone in the People’s Republic of China since 2012 but the latest data shows that Apple’s smartphone as now lost its top spot. The report mentions that the iPhone has been replaced as the country’s top selling smartphone by a local challenger.

iPhone 6s Battery Issues Might Be Investigated By South Korea
You might have heard recently about iPhone 6s battery issues. Apple is already providing free battery replacements for iPhone 6s units manufactured between September and October 2015. However, the company recently admitted that some units “outside the affected batch” are experiencing issues as well. The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards of South Korea is looking into the matter and may launch an investigation to ascertain whether these issues present […]

Upcoming iOS Update Will Help Address iPhone 6s Battery Issues
As you might have heard, Apple has launched an iPhone 6s battery replacement program due to reports of the iPhone 6s shutting down at random. It was made out to be an issue that does not affect many users, but it turns out that the growing number of reported issues has prompted further action from Apple in the form of an upcoming iOS update.

Apple Explains Why The iPhone 6s Batteries Degrade Faster
As you might have heard, Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone 6s in which users are reporting that their phones are shutting down randomly. The repair program basically swaps out the old battery for a new one, but for those who want to know why exactly their iPhone 6s handsets have been shutting down at random, Apple has an answer for you.

This Tool Checks If Your iPhone 6s Is Eligible For Battery Replacement
You might have heard that there are cases of users reporting that their iPhone 6s has been shutting down at random. Apple had previously announced a repair program for devices with that issue, but in case you want to check and see if your device is one of the affected ones, Apple has launched a tool on its website that lets you check.

Apple Launches iPhone 6s Repair Program For Unexpected Shutdowns
If you own an iPhone 6s and you have experienced your phone suddenly shutting down for no reason, you’ll be realized to hear that Apple has since launched a repair program targeting iPhone 6s owners who are experiencing similar problems. This seems to affect units produced between September to October 2015, so if you got your phone around then, you’ll be covered.

iPhone 6 & 6s Handsets In China Are Shutting Off At Random
While China isn’t too pleased with Samsung over the way they handled the Note 7 recall, it now seems that their ire has turned to Apple. This is because for some inexplicable reason, the iPhone 6 and 6s handsets in the country are shutting off at random. This seems to be happening regardless of battery life, with some shutting off even when there is 50% remaining.