Tech billionaires seem to have thing for rockets and space travel, there’s Elon Musk with SpaceX and his dreams of nuking Mars and then there’s Jeff Bezos who has a company called Blue Origin that’s aiming for inexpensive space travel. Both of them have been quite successful in their careers and now both of them have their sights set on the final frontier. Bezos confirmed today that Blue Origin will construct a manufacturing facility for its reusable orbital vehicles in Florida and that it will also conduct its launches from Florida.

Blue Origin will be launching from Spaceport Launch 36 complex, its presence in Florida comes with an investment of $200 million in the state according to Governor Rick Scott and the creation of 330 new jobs.

This confirmation comes merely a week after Boeing and Lockheed’s United Launch Associates agreed to expand production of the BE-4 rocket motor from Blue Origin.

Blue Origins revealed earlier this year that it plans on testing the BE-4 engine in 2016 and since there has been no news to the contrary it appears that the company is on schedule.

Bezos’ space travel company still has a lot of work to do before it can think about launching but the Amazon founder is hopeful that the company will be able to launch from the site “later this decade.”

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