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SpaceX's To Fly Japanese Billionaire Around The Moon
SpaceX is a private space company and it plans on flying tourists, the ones with very deep pockets, to space. The company had been teasing the announcement of its first space tourist and CEO Elon Musk has finally revealed who will be hitching the first paid ride on SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket. It’s Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire founder of online fashion retailer Zozo. He will be accompanied by eight […]

SpaceX's Big Interplanetary Rocket Will Be Built In Los Angeles
After successfully launching the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX announced that it’s going to focus all of its energies on developing its massive interplanetary rocket that it’s calling BFR or “Big F****** Rocket.” The 348-foot-long rocket has been designed to take humans to Mars and beyond. SpaceX will now get down to the mammoth task of actually building the BFR and it now been confirmed that the company will do that in […]

Private Space Company Building Robots To Mine The Moon
Moon Express, a private space company, today revealed its plans to build an outpost on the South Pole of the Moon by 2020. The outpost is going to be staffed by robots which will be used to mine the Moon. It’s going to create a new class of robot for this purpose which the company is called MX Robotic Explorers. They will land and deliver payloads on the Moon’s surface. […]

SpaceX To Relaunch Falcon 9 Rocket On March 30th
SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that it’s capable of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocket back on solid ground. It has launched performed landings on a barge at sea multiple times. However, the company is yet to relaunch one of its Falcon 9 rockets that have already been to space. It did say that this was going to happen in 2017 and now SpaceX has confirmed when it’s going to […]


India Launches Record 104 Satellites In One Mission
India is taking concrete steps to carve itself a piece of the global space industry that’s worth more than $300 billion. The country’s space agency conducted a launch today and the payload included 104 satellites. It claims that this is a new record for launching the most amount of satellites in a single mission. 101 of the 104 satellites it has launched in today’s mission came from international customers which […]

SpaceX Wants To Launch A Rocket Every Two To Three Weeks
SpaceX has come a long way since it first started out. The company has proven time and again that its Falcon 9 rocket is capable of doing what it’s entrusted with. It has also achieved its aim of landing the reusable rocket out at sea. As the company gears up to relaunch a rocket that has already undertaken a mission, it has now said that it plans on launching rockets […]

First SpaceX Rocket Launch After Explosion Likely On January 8th
SpaceX reported today that it has concluded its investigation into the explosion of one of its rockets on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral late last year. The company had halted all future launches after the explosion as it scrambled to find out precisely what went wrong that ended up destroying its rocket as well as all of the cargo that it was supposed to take up to space. SpaceX […]

SpaceX Has Finally Figured Out What Caused Its Rocket To Explode
SpaceX halted all launches when one of its Falcon 9 rockets exploded on the launchpad. It has taken the company a couple of months to figure out exactly what went wrong. The company will now take the relevant steps to ensure that something like this never happens again and that its customers can continue to trust that SpaceX is going to get their cargo up into space without setting it […]

SpaceX's Mars Transporter Can Go 'Well Beyond' Mars
SpaceX is just one of the companies that’s working to put humans on Mars. One of its inventions for this purpose is the Mars Colonial Transporter, which as the name suggests is meant for transporting humans from Earth to the Red Planet. It’s only after humans have landed on Mars will people really start thinking about putting them on another planet, but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is already saying that […]

Elon Musk Wants Your Help To Investigate Latest Rocket Failure
SpaceX is very capable of launching rockets and landing them back on Earth but it has had a few failures along the way. Earlier this month one of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launch pad and ended up destroying the expensive payload that it was supposed to take up to space. The company is working hard to find answers as to why this happened and now SpaceX […]

SpaceX Now Wants To Land Three Reusable Rockets Simultaneously
SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that its reusable rockets are capable of making it back to Earth safely after completing their mission. The company has already landed its Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground and on a floating drone barge in the sea multiple times. The company is now looking to land three reusable rockets almost simultaneously in what would be an impressive feat of human engineering.

SpaceX To Relaunch Reusable Rocket Later This Year
For the past year or so, SpaceX has been trying hard to land its reusable Falcon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship in the sea. Previous attempts were not successful, but the company has now managed to securely land four of its Falcon 9 rockets, but it’s yet to send one of them back up again. SpaceX is thinking about that now, it’s likely that the company will relaunch […]

SpaceX Lands Rocket On Floating Drone Ship Once Again
SpaceX tried many times to land its reusable Falcon 9 rocket on a floating drone ship in the sea but the first few attempts failed. It was only after Blue Origin landed its reusable rocket on solid ground that SpaceX did the same to show that its rockets are capable of being reused. It tried again after that landing and failed, but nailed the one after that, and now it […]

Blue Origin Launches And Lands Reusable Rocket For Third Time
Blue Origin, a private space company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, was able to launch and land its reusable rocket last year. To show that it really is a reusable rocket, the company fired it up again and sent it back up and it made a second successful landing. As they say, third time’s the charm, and Blue Origin went ahead with another launch of the same rocket and […]