We’ve seen drones used for all sorts of things, like photography, videography, and rescue efforts. However one Kansas farmer by the name of Derek Klingenberg decided to use his drone for fishing. This is actually a pretty good idea as it allows the pilot to stand along the shore, while the drone goes out into deeper waters.

So did he catch any fish? Turns out that Klingenberg did and was successful in his attempt. All he had with him was a fishing line and the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. Based on his reaction, it would seem that Klingenberg did not expect to be successful. However we have to admit that it was a pretty sweet catch.

That being said, Klingenberg is actually not the first person to catch a fish using a drone. As the folks at WIRED point out, back in 2013 there was another fisherman who was successful in his attempts to fish with the device. It’s actually a pretty interesting perspective. It wasn’t too long ago that a fisherman was caught trying to hook a drone as he seemed to feel that it was distracting him from his fishing.

However if anything this video seems to prove that technology and nature can co-exist side-by-side. In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, do check out Klingenberg’s attempt in the video above.

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