By now the term “Netflix and chill” is probably one that you’ve heard, and now it looks like Netflix themselves have decided to embrace the term and have even created their own “Netflix and chill” button. They have even posted the schematics online in which users who are so inclined can go ahead and build one themselves.

So what does this button do? Officially dubbed “The Switch”, basically what it does is it acts as a button for multiple actions. Pressing it will instantly put your phone into Do-Not-Disturb mode, silencing all incoming calls and messages in the process. If your house has connected lights, the button will also be able to dial those down a notch to help create a movie-watching mood.

It will also be able order you a pizza (or whatever food you want) and turn on Netflix. All at a touch of a button, which we have to admit is pretty cool. This button was conceived at the 2015 World Maker Faire over the weekend and according to a Netflix brand rep who spoke to Mic, “This is for makers, and everyone who’ve already thought about this or done it in some form. Personally, I could not do this.”

If you have no experience cobbling something like this together, you’d be out of luck as it does not appear that Netflix will be selling the actual device. However if you’re in the mood for a good DIY project, pop on over to Netflix’s website for the instructions on how to proceed.

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