ps-vita-slim-review-12The last time Sony announced a PS Vita was back in 2013. This was basically a refreshed/updated model that was slimmer than its predecessor, and has also largely been referred to as the PS Vita Slim. Now if you’re looking forward to a newer PS Vita, chances of that happening is pretty low.

Speaking at a Q&A session at EGX 2015, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was quoted as saying that this might not be happening anytime soon. Apparently due to the popularity of mobile gaming, the current landscape does not look favorable for handheld consoles, at least for the time-being.

According to Yoshida, “That’s a tough question. People have mobile phones and it’s so easy to play games on smartphones. And many games on smartphones are free, or free to start.” He also adds that while he does think some smartphone games are fun with good designs, adding physical controllers makes things totally different.

Based on how fast smartphones are growing and are being adopted around the world, it seems unlikely that the demand for handheld consoles will be picking up anytime soon, but what do you guys think? Is this pretty much the end of handheld console gaming?

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