pewdiepieAs it stands there is a good chance that YouTube PewDiePie is the richest YouTuber at the moment, or at least one of the richest. Earlier this year it was reported that in 2014 PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, earned a staggering $7.45 million in 2014 alone, an amount that most of us will probably never see in our lifetime.

Recently Kjellberg managed to earn another milestone as he has recently announced that he has managed to hit 10 billion channel views. This means that all of his videos combined has achieved 10 billion views to date! This is pretty insane considering that he managed to beat out more mainstream popstars such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift, both of whom have 7.1 billion and 6.2 billion channel views to date.

As pointed out by Videogamer, this also means that on average, every person on Earth has seen at least one video put out by Kjellberg, although in reality chances are there have been multiple viewings on videos. As it stands, his channel has close to 40 million subscribers and with him not appearing to be slowing down, we can only expect his subscriber count and channel view count to keep rising.

Kjellberg also has a book entitled, “This Book Loves You” which is set for a release in October later this year, which interestingly enough has nothing to do with gaming or YouTube. In any case if you’re hoping to one day emulate his success, there’s always Twitch where you can launch your own streaming career, or YouTube Gaming which was launched just last week.

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