samsung ramAt the moment, the highest amount of RAM we have seen in Android smartphones/tablets is at 4GB. Even then that is somewhat a rarity. However come 2016, it is possible that we could soon be looking at smartphones that are able to pack as much as 6GB of RAM, thanks to Samsung. The South Korean tech giant has recently announced that they have begun mass producing 12Gb LPDDR RAM modules for mobile devices.


It should be noted that it is 12Gb, not 12GB. The lowercase “b” makes all the difference. It also roughly translates into 6GB of RAM given that SoCs found on smartphones these days have 4 memory dies, so if each die is 12Gb, four of it should be 6GB. Of course whether or not smartphone OEMs will take advantage of the ability to add 6GB of RAM remains to be seen, but at least the option is available.

That being said, Samsung has yet to confirm when these new RAM modules will be available, but as pointed out by AndroidGuys, the last time Samsung made such an announcement, the modules were made available about 6 months later, so based on this estimation, it should be available in 2016. It could also possibly arrive in time for the Galaxy S7, and with its rumored Snapdragon 820 chipset, the combination of 6GB of RAM should make it a formidable device.

Now whether or not we actually need that much RAM is another question. After all some of us use our phones for surfing and chatting, and 6GB of RAM for such activities would be overkill. However we suppose for the sake of the advancement in technology, this is a pretty big deal.

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