citrus scooterSay you’re on the way to the market and you have a lot of things to bring back, so you bring a little trolley with you. Makes good sense, right? However if you’d like to get to the market in style and a little faster than usual, you’re in luck as designer Peter Opsvik has created a storage cart that can also double up as an electric scooter.


Dubbed the Citrus, this invention is pretty straight forward. It can either act as a storage art where you can put your items inside of it and drag it behind you like you would a normal trolley. However if you want to get to a particular destination at a faster pace, a little bit of unfolding and tweaking and you’ve got yourself a nice electric scooter!

According to Opsvik, it seems that this electric scooter idea has been in the works since the early 2000s, so safe to say that the Citrus has been a long time in the making. It is relatively small and compact so taking it with you on the bus or train would not be a problem, unlike more bulky personal transportation devices like the Segway, which also appears to be more unwieldy.

The bad news is that the Citrus is not available for sale. According to Opsvik, the device is still in its prototype phase although he is open to licensing out the design and idea, so it remains to be seen if any company is interested in taking a look at it and maybe turning it into a commercial reality.

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