microsoft__logoWe do know that we are supposed to keep our machines updated as far as possible, although there are cases of botched updates in the past, this does not mean that we avoid them altogether, as essential security patches and fixes do play a role, too. In fact, many Windows 7 users were left with this niggling suspicion as a patch appeared in Windows Update that looked so unusual, the cautious part of the brain would assume that Windows Update was hacked. That was not the case, however, as it was just an error on Microsoft’s part for incorrectly publishing a test update.

After all, users could not be blamed for thinking in that direction as the update itself came with a nonsensical sounding name, in addition to equally meaningless entries under its listed details. It was dated October 1st, weighed in at around 4.3MB and was rated as ‘important’. Chances are this patch only made it to consumer editions of Windows 7, although it remains unknown just how many eyeballs have already spotted this rogue patch in Windows Update on their PCs. Of course, those curious enough to give it a go would have realized that it would not end up in a successful install.

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