wifi logoThere has been a fair amount of debate on whether Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a real thing, but it seems that over in France, the courts have decided that a woman’s affliction, or to be more specific, her alleged allergies to WiFi are real and that they have decided to grant her disability allowance.

According to the woman, she claims that exposure to WiFi and other electronic devices like the TV or her phone have caused her severe discomfort. Prior to this, the French courts have basically ruled against giving out disability allowance to previous claims of EHS, so safe to say that this win will set a pretty big precedent for future cases.

In fact her allergy to WiFi is so severe that she is forced to live in a barn by the countryside, far away from WiFi, or at least in an area where WiFi isn’t as common as say the city or even the suburbs. What this means is that she will now be granted £500 a month in disability allowance that is legally entitled to collect.

Interestingly enough this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such a case in recent times. Last month we reported how parents had sued the school of their child, claiming that after upgrading the school’s WiFi to be stronger, it had made their son sick.

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