For the longest time ever, and even until today, desks were made for sitting down at. However today with a lot of emphasis placed on health, some users and offices have begun introducing standing desks. These desks are basically desks that are positioned high enough where the user has to stand in order to work.

Apparently this is good for your health. However the folks at Altwork have decided to come up with something completely different. Dubbed the Altwork Station, this is a desk that actually allows you to lie down and work. If you’re a fan of lying in bed and using your laptop or tablet, then we reckon this is the desk for you.

As you can see in the video above in which the folks at ArsTechnica took the desk for a spin, the desk is capable of supporting full-sized monitors even when tilted. This is thanks to the monitor arms that can support up to 35lbs and standard VESA mounts. The desk is also programmable in the sense that you can define the exact positions that you prefer at a touch of a button.

Unfortunately the Altwork Station does not come cheap. It is priced at a whopping $3,900 as an early adopter price and it is aimed at professionals who might be on the computer for extended periods of time. Pre-orders are available now and it is expected to begin shipping mid-2016, but if you were to order it later, expect to $5,900 which will be its regular price.

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