amazon-sign-652x350Amazon already does a pretty good job when it comes to delivering your packages. In fact if you subscribe to their Prime service, you can expect pretty speedy deliveries of your orders. However we have seen the company test various methods of deliveries, such as using drones, and now according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon might have tested out a new delivery method.

This method isn’t technically new as it has been around for decade. It is delivery via newspaper trucks, the same trucks that delivers newspapers to newspaper stands and shops every morning. Since these trucks already have their routes, we suppose Amazon saw it as an opportunity to piggyback their service to test out potentially new delivery methods.

The report notes that despite a decline in print subscriptions, newspaper trucks are still active and find their way through neighborhoods of major cities, thus putting them in proximity with Amazon’s customers. In fact by potentially partnering with newspaper delivery trucks, Amazon could also save costs on courier services which in turn will allow the company to offer up cheaper shipping, or at the very least maintain those prices for a while.

However this isn’t a done deal yet. There are certain hurdles, like the trucks that deliver the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Tribune, in which certain tax related issues have prevented Amazon from continuing their test. In any case Amazon has not confirmed this report so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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