apple screen protector patentDepending on how your phone falls to the floor, sometimes you might walk away with no visible damage, sometimes there might be a little scratch, and sometimes if you’re unlucky you might end up with a shattered display. However in a recently discovered patent, Apple has come up with a way to prevent that.

Basically through sensors built into the phone, the device will know when it is being dropped. From there, retractable tabs will be extended around the phone’s display, meaning that if it were dropped and lands on its face, the shock will be absorbed by the tabs as opposed to the glass display absorbing all of the damage.

Of course if the phone were to fall on the edge, the tabs might not be able to do much, but at the very least it will protect full frontal damage. The good news is that this patent might not really need new technology, as sensors that can detect falling is already found in most phones, like accelerometers and gyroscopes, so we suppose it’s really a matter of calibrating it to detect when a phone might be falling.

That being said, this is just a patent so there’s no telling if Apple will actually implement this. Not to mention the tabs do look a little awkward and very unlike Apple’s designs which are usually sleek. We have to admit that it is still a pretty good idea but what do you guys think? Would you like to see something like this make its way into future iPhones?

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