boe-8k-display[CEATEC 2015] It goes without saying that any decent consumer electronics show would require some sort of “statement device”, where it is loud and bold, and brings forth superlatives to the fold. Well, as if moving on to 4K displays on mobile devices are not enough, how about enjoying 8K displays right in the comfort of your own home? BOE has just revealed what they deem to be the world’s largest 8K displays for the home, arriving in 98” and 110” for those with too much money to spare.

Needless to say, having an 8K TV sitting in your living room is one thing, but to find content? We do know that 8K TV broadcast testing will begin in Japan some time next year, and these TVs are not going to come cheap since Sharp’s very own 85” 8K TV alone will cost a whopping $130,000, so do your own math and extrapolate an estimate on how much these 98” and 110” puppies will cost at the end of the day.

Being this large in size would also mean that they are rather hefty – you will see the 98” model weigh in at 200kg, while the 110” model would tip the scales at an additional 15kg more. They are also power hogs at 1200W and 2,000W, respectively, and will come with a trio of HDMI ports, an Ethernet jack, three USB ports, 16 DVI ports, an RS-232 port and a SPDIF port. Other hardware specifications include a 178-degree viewing angle.

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