sharp 8kRight now it is safe to say that there are more Full HD TVs being sold and bought than 4K ones. This is namely due to price with 4K TVs costing more, and also content as there isn’t a lot of 4K content at the moment, although it is on the rise. However it seems that Sharp is eager to stay ahead of the curve with their 8K TV offerings.

The company has announced that starting on the 30th of October, they will begin selling an 85-inch 8K TV. Yup, you read that right, even before 4K has become the norm, Sharp wants to kick off the 8K trend. Of course being an early adopter will cost you as this 8K TV, the Sharp LV-85001, will set you back a whopping 16,000,000 yen, which converts to about $130,000.

This TV will feature a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel LCD panel that will use Sharp’s IGZO technology. Its bandwidth requirement is so high that users will actually need to plug into all four of its HDMI input ports at once. We’re not sure who would actually want to buy such a TV, but for those out there who do, you will be happy to know that Sharp has you covered.

Now this isn’t the first time Sharp has shown interest in 8K displays. Back in 2014, the company took the wraps off an 85-inch 8K display, which we can only assume has been refined to the Sharp LV-85001 TV that they will begin selling next month. So, any takers?

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