Over the past few months it has been consistently rumored that Apple is making an electric car, it’s a product that the company has never done before and will certainly be more challenging to make than a smartphone or tablet. Reports have suggested that Apple is aggressively poaching employees from companies that specialize in electric transportation, Tesla is one of them though the company’s CEO recently said that people who didn’t make it at Tesla went to work at Apple instead, now a small electric motorcycle manufacturer is complaining that Apple’s poaching of its employees has left it “in the dust.”

Mission Motors was working on high-performance electric motorcycles but just last month it laid out its plans for bankruptcy, it has been struggling with keeping employees onboard for the past few years.

Reuters reports that “about a half dozen” engineers switched from Mission Motors to Apple in just the previous year, the employees left at a critical time when Mission was trying to raise more money just to stay afloat, key engineering talent jumping ship wouldn’t really inspire confidence in potential investors.

It’s not unheard of startups to blame their plight on a very large company that has infinitely deep pockets, and employees do have a right to seek better employment, so perhaps Mission Motors will be better off blaming its fate than blaming Apple.

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