htc_logoWe all know that HTC is working to make a formal introduction of their upcoming flagship device which will be known as the HTC One A9 in New York City tomorrow, and you can be sure that HTC’s fans would definitely make a beeline for this handset the moment it becomes available at their mobile carrier. However, you can also be sure that detractors would be quick to point out any potential flaws or shortcomings of the device. HTC’s CEO, Cher Wang, has notably stepped up to the plate by informing her employees that the HTC One A9 would be a good alternative to the iPhone, citing that it “strikes a balance between beauty, performance and simplicity.”

This is an internal rallying call, and I suppose it is the duty and responsibility of a leader to ensure that his or her troops would have their morale boosted when the chips are down. After all, the fortunes of Apple and HTC could not be any different – the former seems to be on a constantly upwards trajectory, while the latter has seen far better days.

Back to the HTC One A9 – is there anything concrete that Cher Wang would say that it is a good iPhone alternative? Note that she did not reference which iPhone, but one would only assume that it is the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that she was talking about. Still, the HTC One A9 with a metal unibody, Full HD 5” display, Android 6.0 Marshmallow and a 13MP shooter at the back could prove to be a formidable alternative when it hits the market.

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