ios 9 featuresIt seems that iOS 9 is not without its fair share of bugs. So far Apple has released two small updates that supposedly addresses some bugs that are found in the operating system, but for the most part a lot of bugs still remain. One of those bugs is the Game Center bug which according to those suffering from it, pretty much locks gamers out of their games.

According to user reports, what happens is that when you try to launch Game Center or access the settings, the app would then lock-up. From there, trying to access games that are linked to Game Center is pretty much a no-go. Now you might think that a simple reboot will resolve this problem, but as it turns out rebooting your phone doesn’t do anything.

In fact according to an Apple rep who posted in the forums, it seems that there is only one solution to this problem for now, and that is to do a complete wipe of your phone and not restore it from backup. What this means that your phone will basically be a completely fresh device, and any data that you did not save is pretty much lost.

You will also have to download your apps all over again, and sign into all your services. This appears to be the only solution for now but if you’d rather not do that, then we suppose you will just have to wait for Apple to release a fix. So far while iOS 9’s adoption appears to be faster than iOS 8, its numerous issues are making it a less than ideal experience.

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