Sony is a company known for their cameras and imaging products. In fact Sony’s camera sensors can be found in many smartphones these days, such as Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However given that cameras are more than its sensors, like the lens used and image capture software, how will the iPhone 6s Plus stack up against Sony’s Xperia Z5?

Given that DxOMark has pretty much claimed that the Xperia Z5 has the best smartphone camera in the market today, we would expect the phone to blow Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus out of the water, right? If you’re curious to see if the Xperia Z5 lives up to DxOMark’s rankings, SuperSaf TV has recently uploaded a video showing off both phones’ cameras.

Right off the bat in the video, the colors on the iPhone 6s Plus in the front and rear-facing cameras are much more saturated and contrast-y than the Xperia Z5. However as pointed out by SuperSaf TV, the Xperia Z5 renders colors more accurately while the iPhone is a bit more blown out. However both cameras aren’t too bad and we suppose it depends on your preference – highly saturated colors versus more realistic images.

Now if there is one thing we have to give the Xperia Z5 credit for is its autofocus which is much faster than the iPhone 6s Plus. Its audio capture is also much clearer compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, but what do you guys think? Does Sony have it in the bag or do you prefer the colors and camera of the iPhone 6s Plus’ camera? In any case if you have several minutes to spare and you’re trying to decide between both phones, check out the video above for the details.

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