Earlier this week there was a video that surfaced which showed the new iPhone 6s staying submerged underwater for an hour. This is an impressive feat given that previously, water damage caused to iPhones was a pretty common occurrence, but given that Apple did not advertise any water-resistant properties, what gives?

The folks at iFixit have recently posted a video in which they teardown the iPhone 6s and discovered some features of the phone that allowed it to be water-resistant. For starters, they discovered that there was additional adhesive for the display, which was already held down by screws so the addition of the adhesive could have played a role.

Upon further inspection, they also discovered the addition of a gasket running around the frame of the phone. The logic board also gave away some clues in which the cable connectors were discovered to have been surrounded by a silicone seal. iFixit also points to an Apple patent filed earlier this year for the exact same setup, so it looks like this is one Apple patent that actually got made into a reality.

That being said we can’t be sure if this was done solely to make the phone more water-resistant, but at the end of the day it seems to have done a pretty good job of it all the same.

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