lastpass logmeinIf you have a ton of passwords to remember and you’d rather not write them down on a piece of paper or notebook, then password managers might be a tool you could be interested in. However if you do use password managers like LastPass, you may or may not have received an email from the company informing you that they have been acquired by LogMeIn.

For those unfamiliar with LogMeIn, they’re a company that offers remote-access services that are sometimes used by technical support to help you with your computer problems. The company has reportedly paid a whopping $125 million for LastPass and for those worried about what this means, you can rest assured that nothing will change, for now.

According to LastPass’s Joe Siegrist, “First of all, we (LogMeIn/LastPass) have no plans to change our existing business model. Secondly, this acquisition provides us with access to resources that will enable us to innovate faster, as we continue to strive to deliver an even better product than the one you have come to know and love.”

However in the future, LogMeIn is expected to merge another product called Meldium with LastPass under the LastPass brand, but that won’t be happening anytime soon and both companies will continue to operate as they are now.

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