apollo-archiveA picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to some place which is a whole lot more exotic than the rest, you can be sure that this holds true. After all, words might not do justice in conveying the message, which is why photography is such a useful medium to “speak” to the rest of the world. Having said that, NASA has now rolled out approximately 13,000 images of the manned Apollo missions, and these missions took place between 1961 and 1972.


Kipp Teague, the person who oversees the Project Apollo Archive, mentioned that “serious budget cuts” has resulted in the organization being unable to procure the relevant amount of resources in order to publish them, which is why he decided to make do with what he has at his disposal – that is, to use flickr like the many millions of us do. The gallery was launched in 1999, and he has decided to post unedited, high resolution images this time.

Teague shared, “Many times over the years I’ve been asked if I can make them available in a more user-friendly way. I felt it was time to get the full resolution, unprocessed versions out there.” You can view it across different albums sorted per mission, or as a photostream.

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