Earlier this year, the folks at IO Interactive and Square Enix announced a new Hitman game. So far from what we can tell based on the various trailers, it looks pretty good and for those who are itching for more content, fret not because a new trailer has been released. This video puts players in the fictional Italian town of Sapienza, and boy does it look good!According to the folks at Square Enix, “From a luxurious mansion to the medieval church situated by the beach and the cramped alleys littered with stores, Sapienza is a dense location full of challenges and packed with opportunities and stories for the enterprising player to unfold, and as with all locations within Hitman, dark secrets and engaging stories are everywhere to be found in charming Sapienza.”Basically the idea of the video is to show off some of the content of the game, the variety, and also its expansiveness. Sapienza will be one of the few locations available to gamers upon its release which includes Paris and Marrakesh. It is expected that more locations will be added in the future as the game’s developers will be treating it as a growing platform.Hitman was supposed to be released later this year but it has since been delayed. Confirmation from IO Interactive last month revealed that the game has been pushed to the 11th of March 2016.

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