The last major Hitman game we saw was Hitman: Absolution, which according to some gamers was a less than ideal experience as far as the Hitman franchise was concerned. Well if you plan on giving IO Interactive and Square Enix another chance, you might be interested to learn that at E3, the new Hitman game was announced.

The name game is simply called HITMAN and according to its developers, they claim that it is a new journey for the Hitman franchise, but at the same time claim that this is not a reboot, but rather a back-to-the-basics experience that made Hitman so popular to begin with. So if you felt that maybe the older Hitman titles were getting unnecessarily complex, hopefully HITMAN can reign it back in.

According to IO Interactive, “This is our central promise: a pure assassin fantasy. So we liked the simplicity and the power of calling this game HITMAN. We want him to be powerful and embody the fantasy completely, and he will remain a constant throughout everything we do with the games going forward.”

They are also planning on introducing big sandboxes where apparently every NPC has a name and every room matters, thus allowing players to get creative with the way they complete missions and objectives. IO Interactive is also planning on keeping the game up to date by introducing updates every now and then.

It sounds like a rather ambitious game with a lot of promise, so here’s hoping they can pull it off. The game will be released on the 8th of December and will be available for both the PC, Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4. A gameplay trailer is expected to be released today but in the meantime you can check out its announcement trailer in the video above.

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