Image credit - Kotaku

Image credit – Kotaku

So we reported that Nintendo is expected to share details of their mobile endeavors and sure enough they have. For those wondering what the first game Nintendo will be releasing for mobile, it has been revealed to be called Miitomo. Unfortunately instead of releasing the game by the end of 2015, Nintendo has announced that it has been delayed to 2016 instead.

So what is Miitomo? Basically it’s a combination of the word “mii” which is used to refer to Nintendo’s digital avatars, and “tomo” which is short for “tomodachi” which translates to friend. It’s an interesting game and it basically reminds us of Nintendo’s previous release, Tomodachi Life. For those who haven’t played it, we suppose you could also think of Miitomo as some Second Life (to a certain degree).

The idea is simple: you create an avatar, answer some questions about yourself, and Nintendo will pair your avatar with other players. Apparently this game is ideal for players who are a bit shy and don’t really talk to other people that much. We’re not sure how such a game could be fun or if there is anything more beyond just chatting.

However the avatars will be customizable and additional customization can be bought via in-app purchases. The app itself will be free and will be the only free app amongst the five that Nintendo plans to release by March 2017. The rest are expected to be paid downloads.

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