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Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Has Officially Shut Down
When Nintendo first announced plans to launch mobile games, many were understandably excited, although that excitement turned to confusion when Nintendo chose to launch Miitomo as their debut title. There was some interest at the start, but that eventually faded resulting in Nintendo announcing earlier this year that the game would be shutting down.

Nintendo Will Be Shutting Down Miitomo In May
When Nintendo first announced that they would be getting into the smartphone gaming scene, many expected the company to launch with a big name title, but instead we were given a game called “Miitomo”. Now about two years following the game’s launch, it looks like Nintendo will be shutting it down.

Upcoming Miitomo Update Might Lure Players Back To The Game
Nintendo’s first mobile app, Miitomo, showed a lot of promise at the start, but later stats showed that gamers had stopped playing the game in droves. It has been suggested that the lack of progression is something that could have caused gamers to get bored fast, but the good news is that Nintendo has an update that gamers could be interested in.

Miitomo To Get New Wedding Themed Costumes
One of the fun things about Nintendo’s Miitomo app is that you get to dress up your avatars in various different costumes. Since this isn’t an MMORPG, at least not in the strictest sense, the dress up is all about fun to show off to your friends to take some really fun and interesting photos with.


Miitomo Stats Show That Less Players Are Playing The Game Every Week
When Nintendo first launched Miitomo, many were initially skeptical about their decision to launch a game with unknown characters, but given that it bears the Nintendo branding, gamers gave it a shot and according to reports, it managed to bag 1.4 million downloads in the first 4 days of its release in the US.

Miitomo Has More Than 10 Million Players Worldwide
Nintendo’s Miitomo mobile game was a bit of a dark horse going in. Many were skeptical, but yet the “game” turned out to be surprisingly fun and addictive. In fact many would agree as in the first 3 days, the game managed to net 1 million users. After that the stats were a bit hazy as Nintendo did not reveal anything after that.

Nintendo Bringing ‘Splatoon’ Gear To Miitomo
Many were surprised when the first mobile game that Nintendo would launch is a completely brand new franchise called Miitomo. It did not feature any familiar or popular characters from other Nintendo titles, but yet at the same time the game has managed to go on to do pretty well for itself, racking up more than a million downloads in its first week.

Miitomo Racks Up More Than 4 Million Users (Unofficial)
It would not be too far off the mark to say that Nintendo’s Miitomo has been a resounding success, as just a couple of days ago, we brought you word that it has managed to bag more than 1.4 million downloads within the first four days of its US launch. Here we are with SurveyMonkey and their very own set of results from their analytics, citing that Miitomo has managed […]

Miitomo Bags Over 1.4 Million Downloads In First 4 Days After U.S. Launch
It was last year that Nintendo confirmed its intention to enter the world of mobile games. Its first game arrived last month, it was released only in Japan initially where it racked up over a million downloads in just a couple of days after launch. Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile game, was launched in the United States and worldwide on March 31st and it appears to have done quite well after […]

Nintendo Releases Miitomo Worldwide
Nintendo’s first mobile game has now been released globally. Nintendo first released Miitomo in Japan earlier this month and just a few days ago it confirmed that the app would be released in the United States and other countries on March 31st. It has followed through on that promise and released the app, which is available on both iOS and Android, for everyone.

Nintendo Miitomo US Release Date Confirmed
Nintendo’s first mobile game was recently released in Japan and it appears to be doing very well so far. The company is eventually going to release the first game called Miitomo in more markets across the globe. Next up is the United States and Nintendo has confirmed today when its first mobile game is going to be released in the U.S.

Nintendo’s Miitomo See 1 Million Users In First 3 Days
About 3 days ago, Nintendo released their first ever mobile game that was born of a partnership with DeNA in the form of Miitomo. The game was an odd choice given that many were probably expecting something else entirely, but if anything it seems to show that Nintendo has a huge fan base and that mobile was probably the right move.

Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Miitomo Released In Japan
Miitomo is Nintendo’s first mobile game and as we heard last week, the game is due for a release on the 17th of March, sure enough it has. Unfortunately like we reported last week, the initial release is set for Japan but we’re sure that it will eventually make its way to other markets, but for those in Japan, the game is available for download via the iTunes App Store […]

Miitomo Will Be Released In Japan March 17
Last we heard, Nintendo’s Miitomo app was pegged for a March release, but the question is when exactly in March? The good news is that if you have been looking forward to seeing what Nintendo could have up their sleeves, you might be pleased to learn that the game has an official release date set for the 17th of March.

Nintendo’s Miitomo Game Will Have Microtransactions
Nintendo’s first mobile game is the Miitomo which is expected to be released next month. The game will be free to download, but unfortunately there is a catch and that is the game will come with microtransactions. This has been confirmed by Nintendo who revealed that gamers will be able to purchase items like avatar clothing using Miitomo coins.

Nintendo Miitomo Sign-Ups Are Now Live
As many gamers have heard by now, Nintendo has a smartphone game in the works, their first actually, called Miitomo. The game is pegged for a release this coming March and for those of you who are curious as to how the game will play, the good news is that sign-ups for the game are now live.

Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Is Called Miitomo, Delayed To 2016
So we reported that Nintendo is expected to share details of their mobile endeavors and sure enough they have. For those wondering what the first game Nintendo will be releasing for mobile, it has been revealed to be called Miitomo. Unfortunately instead of releasing the game by the end of 2015, Nintendo has announced that it has been delayed to 2016 instead.So what is Miitomo? Basically it’s a combination of […]