panasonic-hdr-4k-1[CEATEC 2015] Gone are the days when one TV is not too different from another, and a simple difference in design and perhaps having one or two specifications more than the next model offers minimal impact for the viewer, especially if those differences aren’t as astronomical as the jump between black and white to color, or from standard HD to Full HD. Full HD is the norm these days, with more and more advanced countries taking the leap to 4K video whenever possible. If you happen to be wading knee deep in 4K content for some time now, perhaps you feel that it is time to upgrade that 4K TV of yours to something better? Panasonic might have something to tempt you with – their new 4K HDR TV that offers a high level of brightness, making it feel as though whatever you see is all the more realistic than ever before.

This HDR-compatible LCD TV has made its way to the Panasonic booth at this year’s CEATEC, where it will faithfully reflect the high-brightness/high-contrast HDR (high dynamic range) images and video that are played back on it. While being 65” in size does not make it that huge in today’s terms, what counts more would be its capability as advertised, as this 65” 4K LCD TV is being positioned to be a leader in the next generation of the 4K race. Definitely a step up no matter how you look at it from a vanilla 4K TV.

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