1 HEADER Media Image_A360Polar is a company that has created many kinds of fitness-related gadgets, like fitness trackers and heart rate trackers. However previously the company’s wearables would either see users having to choose a heart rate monitor strapped to the chest, like the Polar H7, or a wrist-based wearable like the Polar Loop 2, which you would then need the H7 if you wanted heart rate monitoring.

This seemed like an odd choice for the company given that Fitbit and Jawbone and plenty of other companies have managed to incorporate heart rate sensors into their products. However if you love Polar, you’re in luck as the company has recently announced the Polar A360. This is a fitness tracker that comes with a built-in heart rate monitor, making it the first of Polar’s wearable and fitness-related gadgets.

That being said, the Polar A360 is pretty much like your standard fitness tracker. It can track your steps, calories burnt, heart rate, and your sleep. It features a color touchscreen and will also sync with Polar’s mobile app so that it can be monitored by a third-party, like a trainer, and have the data graphed over the course of your training.

The A360 will also be able to display smartphone notifications and will vibrate to inform the wearer of them, and will also be able to remind users if they have been seated for too long and might need to get up and walk around. It is expected to last users a good 2 weeks assuming you use in for an hour everyday. The Polar A360 will be released in November where it will be priced at $200.

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