satechi-wireless-gamepadMobile gaming has definitely caught on in a big way these days, taking into consideration just how powerful these modern day smartphones and tablets have become. The thing is, the touchscreen interface is ideal for certain kinds of games, but it is not good enough when it comes to the likes of shoot ‘em ups and beat ‘em ups. Those would require an old school joystick for the most precise gaming experience, or at the very least, a gamepad that works decently. Enter the Satechi Wireless Gamepad to fulfill this dream.

One benefit of the Satechi Wireless Gamepad right out of the box is the fact that it will play nice with iOS, Android and Windows platforms, now how about that? Delivering the kind of the traditional gaming experience that mobile gamers crave, the Satechi Wireless Gamepad will also do away with the hassle of cumbersome or inaccurate touchscreen controls.

It is a user-friendly, Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Gamepad which will arrive with 14 buttons, a couple of joysticks, and a directional pad, sporting an integrated spring holder which will ensure the smartphone is placed on a convenient viewing angle on the gamepad, letting your eyes remain fixed on the game while both hands are on the controls. The Satechi Wireless Gamepad will arrive with a sticker price tag of $39.99 a pop. [Press Release]

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